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Long distance moves are sometimes the most troublesome and cause for worry.

Finding the right moving company who you can trust your possessions with for days to weeks is a nerve racking process.  There is a lot of thought to go into a long distance move, so it is highlyMoving man with dolly recommended that instead of procrastinating, you take a proactive approach so you can properly plan ahead and manage your move better. Some things to consider are:

  • Keeping yourself informed
  • Ordering the proper amount of moving supplies
  • Creating and maintaining an accurate and complete inventory of what you have to move.

Movers of Las Vegas recommend that you start by creating what we call a moving file for your records. You should keep it in a safe and secure place since you will be storing important information in it such as:

  • Receipts for moving expenses / related moving expenses
  • Inventory of your move
  • Estimate from your moving company
  • Other moving related items

The reason we at Move On Moving recommend this is because some moves are tax deductible and the better you track your long distance move, the more you might be able to have those expenses deducted on your next years tax return. You can contact the IRS for specific details regarding to moving expense deductions.

Before you move a long distance, you should research your new community to make sure it is a right fit for you. Most cities have a web site that you can access. Some cities also have a relocation packet that is offered primarily by the city’s chamber of commerce if you are looking to move there. Make this a family event to try and promote fun and excitement with regards to your move.  The internet is a great resource offering you access to the city’s school information, yellow pages, and sometimes even their newspapers so you can get a feel for your new home.  With all of this new found responsibility to contend with, why worry and struggle with monitoring your movers? Move On Movings professional moving staff will take care of the move for you, leaving you to just sit back and focus on starting your new life in your new town.