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How to Move a Hot Tub



Though some people might think that the warm and dry climate in Las Vegas might not be ideal for the hot tub, the locals think otherwise. Here, they can still find lots of reasons to enjoy a warm, relaxing time in their very own hot tub. This activity is actually quite popular — not just for the young adults, but also for the retirees, because the warm sensation provides comfort to their joints and relieves pains caused by arthritis.

But as good as this thing is, even though it gives them a lot of satisfaction and comfort, it can also give them plenty of headache especially when they start thinking about how to move a hot tub from one place to another.

Definitely, one of the most challenging tasks when moving a house is moving huge, heavy items like the piano or a hot tub. Some of these might even be odd-shaped, which of course, adds up to the difficulty of relocating it.

By now your probably thinking, tell me already about How to move a Hot Tub. There are two ways for you to solve this problem:

Hiring a professional hot tub mover

Moving a hot tub with a flatbed truck

Undoubtedly, the easiest, fastest and safest way to move your Jacuzzi is to hire professional help. Fortunately, you can find a lot of them here in Vegas. Moving companies like Movers of Las Vegas provides their clients with complete moving services which are affordable and efficient. They have a team of movers who know how to move a hot tub because they are trained to do this hard job.

Why is it much better to hire someone? Aside from their expertise, they are provided by the company with all the essential materials and equipment they need to successfully move a hot tub. Whatever it may be. Unless you have furniture dollies, wooden planks, shipping straps and other essential items lying in your garage, it’s much more convenient to rely on these professional movers since you will no longer need to spend too much in buying these items yourself. More so if you aren’t that familiar with the tools that they are using.

Make a calculation of how much you’ll spend on buying these items and compare them to the cost of hiring someone. This will help you decide whether to do it yourself or to hire a professional hot tub mover. Plus, hiring someone will also benefit those who have busy schedules.

Move the hot tub D.I.Y style

Obviously, moving a hot tub can’t be done by just one person. You need to call some helpers or your friends to help you accomplish this work with ease. Also, don’t forget to ask them if they have any available materials which you can use for this task, so you don’t need to buy or rent them.

Here are some tips to help you know how to move a hot tub:

  • Prepare all the supplies, materials and equipment. You need two pieces of 4×4 (or 2×4 depending on the Jacuzzi size), cargo straps or securing straps, furniture dollies or appliance dollies (upright furniture dollies). If the hot tub will be relocated on a flat surface, the furniture dolly is enough. However, if you need to move it from upstairs or inside the moving truck, an appliance or an upright dolly will be much better.

 how to move a hot tub with a special cart

  • Keep all the hot tub accessories separate. Gather and store all the units like the heater, blower, pumps, plumbing and electrical units. Also check the wires and cords and make sure they’re unplugged. And don’t forget to check for any gas connections. Use a twist-tie to wrap the cords neatly to avoid any accidents. You can also keep them inside the tub enclosure.


  • Clean the tub and make sure it’s fully dry afterwards. Don’t forget to put the plug back in the drain afterwards.


  • Move the Hot Tub.

There are 3 different ways how to move a hot tub.

    1. Move it from its side. Most people think that this method will make the work much faster. So how do you do it? For this, you need at least 3 to 4 people including yourself. Then you need to turn the tub on its side by lifting the two corners on one side of the hot tub. While two people are carrying it, the other one will be the spotter and will make sure the hot tub doesn’t turnover. Once on its side, have two people carry one end of the tub and tilt it over to the opposite side. Then place the wooden plank underneath it. Do the same thing on the other end. Once the wooden planks are in place, the Jacuzzi should be at least an inch (or more than) off the ground. Next, place the dollies under the hot tub frame in between the wooden planks. Make sure they’re evenly spaced. Then strap the dollies tightly to the tub using the securing straps. Now you can “roll” the hot tub to its new location.

hot tub moving to back yard

You can also push the hot tub upwards the moving truck with one person behind it, another in the front pulling, it gently while another will make sure the tub is balanced. Of course, you’d need a ramp in order to bring the hot tub into the truck.

  1. Move it from the bottom. This method will work on flat surfaces. First, have your helpers lift the tub on one side. Then place the wooden plank under each corner. Repeat this process on the opposite side. Next, slide the dollies under the two (opposite) sides of the hot tub. Then, secure them in place using some shipping or securing straps. Now you can push the hot tub easily to its new location or into the moving truck.
    1. Move it from upstairs. For this method, it’s much better to hire a professional hot tub mover to avoid any accidents. But here’s how to do it. You will use an upright or appliance dolly to move the hot tub. First, you need to bring the tub on its side by doing the steps in number 1. Then, once upright, place the dollies at the two corners of the hot tub. It should be not on the side where the control panel is found to avoid damaging the Jacuzzi. Next, gently lower the hot tub, one step at a time until you finally move it downstairs.

How to move a hot tub with a crane

  1. Move it with a Crane. You really need a professional for this. In tight areas where you cannot easily access the hot tub, or it is too heavy to move with a dolly. You need to hire professional movers with a crane who are trained in how to move a hot tub safely.

And that’s it. Those are the ways on how to move a hot tub. Remember, with enough planning and preparation, plus a little help from your friends or from professional hot tub movers at Move On Moving, you can accomplish this work in no time. And talking about movers, there are a lot of them here in Las Vegas so that’ll be no problem.