How to Move A Slot Machine

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How to Move A Slot Machine



One of the major challenges faced by companies in the gaming industry is moving a slot machine and other such heavy items. Moving is not usually easy and it gets even more difficult when moving large heavy items like slot machines.

Thankfully, there are a number of movers that specialize in helping companies in the gaming industry transport their heavy items. These companies provide battery powered lifts for moving slot machines, coin changing machines, and promotional display items.
Hiring moving companies for lifting heavy machines goes a long way in reducing downtime by using casino lift.

The use of a slot machine lift ensures that the time consumed in carpet changeovers is halved. The labor needed has also been discovered to half if the machine is used.

Slot machine lifts have also been used by the maintenance department of casinos as portable workstations. Once the slot machine is lifted and transported from the gaming floor for servicing, a technician is usually on ground to elevate the machine to a comfortable height that will allow for easy repairs.

The slot machine will subsequently return to service, minimizing handling time and reducing the risk of worker injury.

Moving Slot Machines

A moving company Las Vegas would usually offer local and short distance transport of slot machines and other such equipment used by casinos.slot machine winning spin

Comprising of a clamp lift and a tug with multiple transport dollies, moving companies transport machines by clamping, lifting and placing them on a transport dolly. Two machines are usually placed on individual dollies, with two tethered transport dollies and tug towing them to the desired location.

The clamp lift and the tug come with a powered drive wheel that makes the movement of slot machines easy. The versatility and ease of using these electrical lifts have consequently eliminated the need for forklifts.
Most moving companies also offer custom made lifts that allow for easy movement of slot machines.

These lifts are usually lightweight, compact and mobile. Some of the factors considered in designing the device include push/pull forces, with the primary aim of reducing system weight and ensure ease of use. Clean electric powered drive wheels come in handy when push/pull forces exceed industry standards.

Moving slot machines locally either within the same premises or area requires having the right equipment. This will ensure that the machines are not damaged, while reducing the time and manpower required for the movement.
Long distance movement or transportation of slot machines usually requires more technicalities and equipment.

This is due to the distance and the need to be extra careful with the machines. Therefore, it is advised that gaming companies and casinos hire the service of reliable and competent moving companies. This will ensure the safe and prompt transportation of their machines from one location to another.

It is worth noting that while the cost of hiring such companies might seem high at the initial stage, the benefits are overwhelming. This is particularly true as you do not have to worry about repairing your machines after the movement.

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